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Resources to Support Grieving Children

grief support supporting children with loss Aug 11, 2023
supporting children through grief & loss


Books we love for children:


When Children Grieve by John James, Russell Friedman, and Leslie Matthews. 

(Note: This book is for adults to teach how to support children). Practical and compassionate, it guides parents in creating emotional safety and provides specific actions to help support children. 

The Rabbit Listened by Cori Doerrfeld.

A tender story about how to comfort and heal your loved ones by taking the time to be a ‘heart with ears’ to carefully, lovingly, and gently listen without trying to fix.

Grumpy Monkey by Suzanne and Max Lang.

A funny and heartwarming story that teaches emotional literacy, and shows kids they are they are allowed to feel their feelings. 

Eddie's Brave Journey by Randi Pearlman Wolfson

After Eddie Elephant's grandpa dies, he sets on a remarkable journey to find hope and healing for his grieving heart. This is a gentle and nurturing story that helps young readers address their own grief.


Helpful Resources: 


Kara (Based in Palo Alto, CA with some virtual offerings)

Dougy Center (Based in Portland, Oregon with worldwide options)

National  Alliance for Children’s Grief 

Eluna Network 

  • Camp Erin (nationwide bereavement camp for children and teens)
  • Camp Mariposa (age 9-12, nationwide addiction prevention/mentoring program for children affected by a family member’s substance use disorder).
  • Camp Erin Online (nationwide online free bereavement program for youth and their families grieving the death of a significant person in their lives)
  • Resource Center 

Comfort Zone Camps 



  • Playful Healing with Dr. Laura Froyen. This incredible course teaches play therapy techniques you can implement with your own child to deepen connection and help them process big feelings and hard times.  Kim took this course in 2020 right as the pandemic was unfolding and it was an incredible anchor and resource during that time. 
  • Purposeful Play, also with Dr. Laura Froyen. This course has a different emphasis from Playful Healing (above). This course teaches caregivers powerful play therapy techniques to help children prepare for new life events and transitions, practice key skills, and process the natural ups and downs of life. Kim has also taken this course and is grateful for the tools to support her own child.