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Support for every step of your grief journey


Your grief is as unique as your fingerprint.
It is unique to you, and you alone.


Grief is a non-linear journey that is unique for every single person.

Grief builds up over time.

Grief is negatively cumulative. Each loss that we experience and don’t work through, no matter how big or small, builds up in our hearts. It does not just go away on its own. Your body feels it even when your brain refuses to acknowledge it. The only way to ease the pain of grief and loss is to work through it and process it. 

Grief can feel isolating, but it does not have to. Change and loss can be disruptive, but you don’t have to endure it alone.

You are not alone. There is hope.

We provide support for every step of your non-linear grief journey and teach tools for you to move through the fog of grief so you can feel whole again, renewed as your most impactful self.

You can have peace of mind and happiness. It is possible for you to recapture the joy in your life again. 

Reclaiming the happiness in your life is not a betrayal to your loved one or disrespecting your loss. In fact, it’s honoring them by continuing to live your life fully. Together we can discover new ways to have your loved one’s legacy live on in your life. Together we can discover ways to heal pain from your losses to live life fully.

Last Chance Charlene 

Inspired by real life experiences, this BraveMaker film explores grief and how we can move through it. Yahdav & Hanlon has partnered with BraveMaker to provide a range of resources for viewers of the film - including this Film & Grief Discussion Guide. 

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Start your journey towards healing with our free “Emotional Inventory Guide” 

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The Grief & Gratitude Workbook

Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and other difficult dates can trigger our grief, even if a loss was long ago. With this workbook you will gain:

  • Insight into grief and why it can knock us down
  • 10+ tools to ease grief with printable worksheets and detailed examples provided
  • Peace in having your personalized coping action plan
  • Plus! Bonus materials 
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For us, your healing is personal!

After struggling in grief for years, we finally found hope and some relief. What started as a search to piece our own hearts together turned into a series of tools and programs designed to help others do the same, with renewed capacity for loving life, and feeling true joy and enrichment even after heartbreak.

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Grief is a Non-Linear Journey-

We have resources no matter where you are in your journey

Online Courses

Take a self-guided journey with weekly interactive lessons and support along the way.

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1-on-1 Coaching

Receive personalized guidance in your grief recovery process.

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Grief Workshops

Build your grief awareness and learn simple actionable tools.

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I participated in a beautifully facilitated workshop and [Kim and Ilana] did a great job holding the space.

Brigette Iarrusso-Soto

Workshop participant, "Moms of Graduating Seniors - Grief and Joy"

[This workshop] was all really well done with lots of space and time for self-reflection and support for the others in the group. I wasn't aware how close to the surface my emotions were and I've felt much more ready for this big change in my life since the sessions. Hearing the other moms and sharing this experience made feeling all these emotions more safe.

I'm able to recognize grief in experiences I previously wouldn't have known to see grief in. It's really expanded my definition of grief....I wasn't aware how close to the surface my emotions were and I've felt much more ready for this big change in my life since the sessions. Hearing the [others] and sharing this experience made feeling all these emotions more safe.

Workshop participant- "Grief and Joy"

PLEASE continue sharing the message.

Workshop participant, Office Administrator- "Understanding Grief in the Workplace"

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