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Grief Support

Find a new relationship with grief along with tools to cut through the fog so you can have renewed focus, clarity, and resilience.

Grief Support is at the Core of Wellness

Grief can be draining and stressful. The stress of grief itself can impact our physical and mental health. Additionally, the depression, reduced motivation, disrupted sleep, fatigue, and mental fog of grief can make it difficult to do other things we know are important for our wellbeing. 

We recognize that you are likely tired of being in a rut of grief, struggling to keep your head afloat, wondering why others don't seem to notice your struggle.

We want you to know that while you will always have your grief, you do not need to be weighed down by the pain of it in each step

By working through your grief, you will find that you can finally exhale, maybe for the first time in weeks, or months, or even years

Just as you would see a doctor for a broken arm, you likely need support to heal a broken heart.

We know the feeling, and are here to help

We spent too many years in our own fogs. We spent too many years lost in our own painful grief mazes. We vowed that when we healed our hearts - and found our way through our foggy mazes -  we would help others to do the same. 

We are both certified Advanced Grief Recovery Specialists and combine our years of professional expertise with our lived grief experiences to support grievers of all types and in all points of their grief journeys.

 Opportunities for Support:

The Grief Recovery Method

An online 8-week action-based, evidence-based program.

People say you have to let go and move on in your life, but they don't tell you what you need to do to accomplish that. The Grief Recovery Method ® not only makes that possible, but also provides the guidance and accountability to ensure that happens.

This is the powerful, transformative program to which we attribute our own healing.

Grief Coaching

Individualized and tailored to meet you exactly where you are. We give you space to explore your grief, the safety to experience your grief, and tools to navigate you grief with more grace and ease.

Together,  we find ways to transform your grief and channel it in safe and creative ways. Programs are customized based on your unique needs. Helpful for when:

  • you have a grief anniversary approaching and you feel the encroaching dread
  • you notice resistance in meeting health or personal goals, and feel grief can be interfering
  • You’ve wondered, “How do I keep this person alive so that my children will know them? I can’t even talk about my person without crying, nevermind share stories to keep the memories alive. I’m scared I’ll forget my person too."
  • You feel incredibly emotional - with overall feelings of emptiness and loneliness -  and can’t stop crying or feeling irritable. Completing daily tasks both professionally and personally is difficult.  

Tailored Workshops

We LIGHT UP creating content for new clients. We are so passionate about these grief conversations and teachings - and love finding ways to relate it to our varying audiences. Some of our past workshops include:

  • Moms of Graduating Seniors - Grief and Joy
  • Grief in the Workplace
  • Coping Ahead

Group Grief Support -

for Companies and Professional Organizations

Has your company or organization recently experienced a loss or major change? Get ahead of disruptions grief can cause (reduced productivity, impaired concentration, missed deadlines) and provide grief support session(s) for your team (or individuals on your team) to process the loss or change. We provide simple teachings to normalize and ease the grief experience, and space for all to share their unique reflections in a safe and confidential container.

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